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Marketing Research

Industry Research

Industry Research basically identifies the eminence and trends in the industry and is an important strategic planning mechanism to know the competitors, market share, growth rates, technology and processes for the development of the SMEs.

Industry research is also a vital tool for the survival of an industry in today's competition dominated market. Industry research is required to be carried out in order to increase sale of goods or products. Research pertaining to any industry encompasses the various means by which a company can enhance sales and retain the consumers. Industry research comprises of data related to growth, size, demarcations in the market and various other aspects. In addition, an industry research report also throws light on domestic and international markets in context related to industrial technology, information on patenting, Research and development, emerging technologies, industry trends, industry analysis, industry forecasts etc. In order to carry out a research, necessary data pertaining to the particular SMEs has to be gathered. In order to carry out industry research, usually the following steps are majorly followed:

  • Structure of the industry: This segment deals with the organizational structure of an industry.
  • Profile of the industry: This segment deals with the various industry trends and forecasts.
  • Current developments in industries: Industry research report in this section highlights the industrial activities taking place in the industry currently. The industrial activities may include industrial snags, acquisitions, mergers, re structuring of industrial policies etc.,.Magazines, business journals, monthly articles are published pertaining to the same.
  • Statistical data of industries: Deals with statistical date relating to financial ratios, business ratios, importance of trade associations etc.The statistical data are obtained from various sources.

NSIC undertakes the sector specific Industry research activity on request basis.

Information Brokering

An individual or company who searches for information for their clients using various resources including the Internet, online services that specialize in databases, public libraries, books, directories, DVD’s and proprietary databases. These databases hold information on patents, scientific research, legal cases, and news going back a number of decades, from thousands of newspapers and magazines across the world. Many such databases are not available to the casual searcher - or require experience and practice to use to the fullest extent. And with the increase in competition and melting away of international boundaries, the demand for information is reaching new heights.

NSIC’s Information brokering supplies information on business, technology and finance, and also exhibit the core competence of Indian SMEs in terms of price and quality-internationally, as well as domestically. Potential beneficiaries are entrepreneurs-both existing and aspiring-R&D labs, SME seeking business collaboration and co-production opportunities, joint ventures, exporters and importers, and those looking for technology transfer.


Today's emerging entrepreneurs, however, face an unusually fast-moving and competitive business environment. The speed of technological changes, accelerated product cycles, global competition and sophisticated financing strategies often demand resources and experience beyond the reach of the typical start-up. Through its unique mentoring process, NSIC offers the help that's needed to confront these complexities.

Mentoring assistance is available on request.

Call toll free number: 1800 11 2026 or

fill up the online form which is available at the link “ Do you want assistance”.

MSME Business Services

Single point Registration for Government Purchase:
NSIC operates a single Point Registration Scheme under the Government Purchase Programme, wherein the registered SSI units get purchase preference in Government purchase programme, exemption from payment of Earnest Money Deposit, Issue of tender sets free of cost, Advance intimation of tenders issued by DGS&D, Exemption from payment of earnest money, Waiver of security deposit up to the monetary limit for which the unit is registered, Issue of competency certificate in case the value of an order exceeds the monetary limit, after due verification.

Performance and Credit Rating Scheme for small industries :
To enable small enterprises to ascertain the strengths and weaknesses of their existing operations and take corrective measures to enhance their organizational strength. NSIC is operating a Performance and Credit Rating Scheme through empanelled agencies like ICRA, ONICRA, CRISIL, FITCH, CARE, BRICKWORK RATINGS and SMERA. Small enterprise has the liberty to choose any of the rating agencies empanelled with NSIC. Rating agencies will charge the credit rating fee according to their policies. The benefits to small enterprises are as follows:

• An independent, trusted third party opinion on capabilities and credit worthiness of small enterprises.
• Good rating to enhance the acceptability of the small enterprise with Banks. FIs, customers and buyers.
• Facilitate prompter credit decisions from Banks on proposals of SSI units.


Incubation of unemployed youth for setting up of New Micro & Small enterprises: This programme facilitates setting up of new enterprises all over the country by creating self-employment opportunities for the unemployed persons. The objective of this scheme is to facilitate establishment of new small enterprises by way of providing integrated services in the areas of training for entrepreneurial skill development, selection of small projects, preparation of project profiles/reports, identification and sourcing of plant, machinery and equipments, facilitating sanction of credit facility and providing other support services in order to boost the development of small enterprises in manufacturing and services sectors

Win-Loss Analysis - An intelligence approach to sales team optimization

Win Loss Analysis reveals the risks and opportunities associated with the sales strategies, competitors’ strategies, and target markets, and exposes the buying habits, challenges, and adoption rates of the customers, competitors’ customers, and our mutual prospects. Win Loss Analysis provides the empirical yet pragmatic information that drives the sales, product, and marketing decisions toward greater competitive advantage, greater revenue growth, and greater market share.

Successful win loss analysis is about gathering unbiased, actionable market evidence directly from your buyers and disseminating that intelligence to many different areas within your company starting with product marketing, product management and sales. Primary Intelligence combines business processes, people and technology to deliver world class win loss analysis programs to our clients.

Win Loss Analysis Includes:

• Opportunity Assessment: An objective process that identifies the customer’s critical needs and requirements for a solution.
• Competitive Assessment: An impartial assessment of the competitors’ actions, strategies, and tactics used to compete in the opportunity.
• Decision-Maker Assessment: In-depth, unbiased interviews with decision makers to assess their perceptions, process, and ultimate selection criteria.
• Strategy and Tactics Assessment: A constructive assessment of the effectiveness of the strategies and tactics implemented in the opportunity.
• Outcome Analytics™ Predictive Tactical Guide: A structured, ongoing process that analyzes current results and trends against past performance to identify opportunities and risks

Competitive Intelligence

Competitive intelligence is the art of defining, gathering, analyzing, and distributing intelligence about products, customers, competitors, individuals, concepts, information, ideas or data needed to support the entrepreneurs in making strategic decisions for their organization. Competitive Intelligence can be used as an everyday business tool to analyze or look for weaknesses in your competitor.

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Competitor Intelligence can be used for everyday consumer activities such as comparing insurance plans to buying car insurance. Competitive Intelligence as a Process involves establishing intelligence needs, generating information, analysing and disseminating actionable intelligence to key decision makers, for building competitive advantage and boosting profitability.


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